Mapping the Test Competencies and Skills to Courses Taken

Mapping the test competencies and skills to courses taken is an activity that can assist candidates in determining whether the coursework they have completed to date covers the knowledge tested by the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) or Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE).

PDF and Word Test Competencies and Skills Worksheets

Step 1. View or print the following instructions and sample completed worksheet:

Step 2. Select a download format for the test competencies and skills worksheet from the links below. You may view or print the PDF version of the worksheet, or you may choose to save the Microsoft® Word version of the worksheet on your computer and complete it electronically.

You can review the test competencies and skills in the applicable test information guide.

Interactive Test Competencies and Skills Worksheets

The interactive field-specific worksheets allow you to complete this activity online. Each interactive worksheet is pre-populated with that test’s competencies and skills. To complete the worksheet, enter relevant courses in the header row of each competency table and check the boxes for the applicable skills covered in those courses. You can save a completed worksheet as a PDF or print the worksheet to fill out offline.

Interactive test competencies and skills worksheets will be available for all examination fields by fall 2024. Check back on this page to see if a worksheet is available for your candidate's examination. Worksheets are now available for the following examination fields.