Test-Content Materials and Resources

IMPORTANT: The Florida Department of Education does not endorse any third-party FTCE/FELE test preparation materials and cannot attest to the quality or accuracy of such materials. The Test Information Guides (described below) and other resources available on this website are the only materials the Department recommends.

Test Information Guides and Other Resources

As it relates to the FTCE and FELE, the role of the Florida Department of Education is to ensure the validity and reliability of the exam consistent with the standards and best practices in the field of assessment, not to prepare examinees to pass the tests. However, the Department does produce test information guides that provide a general overview of each examination. These guides are the only materials the Department endorses and are updated to reflect current test content and standards. They are intended to provide information to examinees taking an examination by presenting an overview of the content and format of the examination. The test information guides are not intended as all-inclusive sources of content or pedagogical knowledge, nor are they substitutes for college course work or experiential knowledge. Per the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, "Test takers should be provided in advance with as much information about the test, the testing process, the intended test use, test scoring criteria, [and] testing policy … as is consistent with obtaining valid responses and making appropriate interpretations of test scores" (AERA, APA, NCME, 2014, p. 134).

Included in each test information guide, you will find the test blueprint, competencies and skills, and sample test items to help you prepare for the examination. The test information guide also contains an annotated bibliography that lists text books and other resources that would address specific skills covered by the test. These references may be helpful when studying specific competencies for which you may have demonstrated weak performance, as identified by mapping the test competencies and skills to your coursework or in the "Detailed Performance Analysis Link opens pop-up window" section of the score report you received after testing. (Assistance in understanding your score report and the individual scores can also be found in Understanding Your Scores.) Note: The Florida Department of Education does not endorse these references as the only appropriate sources for review; many comparable texts currently used in state-approved teacher preparation programs also cover the competencies and skills that are tested on the examination.

For FELE examinees, the online FELE Written Performance Link opens in a new window. resource page includes several additional resources intended to further aid examinees in their individual test preparation efforts. These additional resources include an overview of the FELE written performance assessment, rubric and scoring information, sample prompts, and examples of supplemental rating criteria.

The Department cannot specifically recommend other means of test preparation; however, various Educator Preparation Institutes offer courses to prepare for the FTCE. Review a list of these institutes PDF. These institutes may or may not have programs in your subject area of interest.

More Information

To access CBT tutorials and additional resources specific to your desired examination, please visit your test's individual information page in the Resources section of this website.