New Middle Grades English 5–9 and English 6–12 Written Performance Assignments

Beginning in January 2024, a redesigned Written Performance Section of the FTCE Middle Grades English 5–9 and English 6–12 examinations will be implemented.

For each examination, the new written performance assignment is an authentic task that reflects student-centered teaching practices and requires candidates to provide a written response demonstrating both subject-matter knowledge and pedagogical expertise. The new focus of each assignment is as follows:

  • Middle Grades English 5–9: Focus on the candidate's ability to evaluate a student's argumentative essay and provide meaningful feedback
  • English 6–12: Focus on the candidate's ability to evaluate a student's written analysis of a literary text and provide meaningful feedback

For these assignments, candidates will provide written responses to evaluate student work based on review and analysis of multiple components, including the following:

  • Learning objective and student performance task aligned with B.E.S.T. standards
  • Success criteria or rubric
  • Text selection
  • Student written response to text selection

By early September 2023, updated content resources will be available for both examinations on the FTCE/FELE website. These resources will include a Test Information Guide containing a sample assignment (with related components) of the written performance section. The guides will provide an overview of the content and format of the examination and will be updated to reflect the updated test content, as aligned to the B.E.S.T. standards.

Eligible participants (teacher education students, recently certified educators, and recent examinees) are encouraged to participate in the June 2023 pilot test. More information is available at opens in a new window, where registration opened in mid-May for June 2023 pilot test opportunities.