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Test Information Guide

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Test and Test Information Guide Development


Developed, produced, and printed under the authority of the Florida Department of Education.

Authorization for reproduction of this document is hereby granted to persons acting in an official capacity within the Florida K-20 education system, as enumerated in Section 1000.04, Florida Statutes.

Permission is NOT granted for distribution or reproduction outside the State system of public education or for commercial distribution of the copyrighted materials without written authorization from the Department of Education. Questions regarding use of these copyrighted materials are to be addressed to:

FTCE/FELE Administrator
Florida Department of Education
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 414
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

Copyright 2023
State of Florida
Department of State

Teacher Certification Testing

Since 1980, Florida teacher certification candidates have been required to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE), which has consisted of tests in reading, writing, mathematics, and professional knowledge. The 1986 Florida Legislature modified the testing program by also requiring teacher candidates to pass a test in the subject area in which they wish to be certified. For more information about certificate types and general knowledge and subject area knowledge requirements, visit the Florida Department of Education website.Link opens in a new window.

The subject area knowledge tested on this examination was identified and validated by committees of content specialists from within the state of Florida. Committee members included public school teachers, district supervisors, and college faculty with expertise in this field. Committee members were selected on the basis of recommendations by district superintendents, public school principals, deans of education, experts in the field, and other organizations. In developing the test, the committees used an extensive literature review, interviews with selected public school teachers, a large-scale survey of teachers, pilot tests, and their own professional judgment.

More information about the test development and validation process is available on the How the FTCE and FELE Were Developed webpage.

Role of the Test Information Guide

The purpose of this test information guide is to help candidates taking the test prepare effectively for the examination. The guide was designed to familiarize prospective test takers with various aspects of the examination, including the content that is covered and the way it is represented. The guide should enable candidates to direct their study and to focus on relevant material for review. An annotated bibliography of related subject matter materials is available in the final section of the test information guide to provide further guidance in identifying additional areas in need of study.

This test information guide is intended primarily for use by certification candidates, who may be students in a college or university educator preparation program, teachers with provisional certification, teachers seeking certification in an additional subject area, or persons making a career change. Candidates may have studied and worked in Florida or may be from out of state. College or university faculty may also use the guide to prepare students for certification, and in-service trainers may find the guide useful for helping previously certified teachers prepare for recertification or multiple certifications.

This test information guide is not intended as an all-inclusive source of subject area or pedagogical knowledge, nor is it a substitute for college coursework, professional preparation, or other preparation resources and activities. The sample questions are representative of the content of the actual test; however, they are not test questions from an actual test form. Instead, the guide is intended to help candidates prepare for the subject area test by presenting an overview of the content and format of the examination.

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