Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3 (053)

The Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3 test consists of four subtests covering content and content pedagogy in the following areas:

  • Subtest 1: Developmental Knowledge (531)
  • Subtest 2: Language Arts and Reading (532)
  • Subtest 3: Mathematics (533)
  • Subtest 4: Science (534)

Registration Information

Starting February 28, 2023, you are no longer required to take all four subtests of this exam in your first attempt. You can split the subtests into two appointments of two subtests each, four appointments of a single subtest each, or any other combination desired.

When registering, you must create a separate registration for each testing appointment. For example, to split the subtests into two appointments, you must create two registrations, each with two subtests.

The subtests selected on a registration cannot be changed. If you have a current registration but want to change the subtests to be given in a single testing appointment, you will need to cancel your current registration and create one or more new registrations with the desired combination of subtests.

Format Computer-based test (CBT);
Subtest 1: approximately 50 multiple-choice questions
Subtest 2: approximately 50 multiple-choice questions
Subtest 3: approximately 40 multiple-choice questions
Subtest 4: approximately 40 multiple-choice questions
All four subtests: approximately 180 multiple-choice questions
Testing Time Subtest 1: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Subtest 2: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Subtest 3: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Subtest 4: 1 hour
Your total appointment time will be longer than the testing time shown above. See Your Test Appointment for more information.
If you take 3 or more subtests in a single session, you will receive a 15-minute break. Review the break policy Link opens pop-up window for more information.
Test Dates By appointment, year round. You will schedule your test during registration, based on available dates.
Test Sites CBT sites are located throughout Florida and nationwide. Locate a test center Link opens in a new window.
Passing Score A scaled score of at least 200 per subtest
Examinees must pass all four subtests to pass the Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3.
Reference Materials Provided for This Test A mathematics reference sheet is provided with your test.
Use of a calculator is not permitted for this test.
Test Fee $37.50 (one subtest)
$75 (two subtests)
$112.50 (three subtests)
$150 (four subtests)
Score Reporting Official score reports are typically provided immediately after testing. However, on-site reporting may not be available for tests being redeveloped or revised. See On-site Reporting Link opens pop-up window for current information.
All score reports are released within 4 weeks of testing. Review information about score report dates Link opens pop-up window.
Testing Policies When you register, you must agree to abide by all testing rules and policies.
Please read them now.
Resources View the content resource materials available for this test.

Tests may include test questions that are being evaluated for future administrations and that do not affect an examinee's score.