Your Test Appointment

Receiving Your Appointment Confirmation

After you register for a test, you will receive an appointment confirmation email.

Your appointment confirmation email will include your appointment time, the address of the test site, and additional information about locating the test site (e.g., located on third floor, entrance on side of building). If using a GPS navigation or maps program, input the exact address of the test site as provided in your appointment confirmation.

Reporting to the Test Site

Report to the test site 30 minutes before the appointment time indicated on your appointment confirmation email.

Review the testing policies about arriving late to the test site Link opens pop-up window, missing your appointment Link opens pop-up window, and test site closures Link opens pop-up window.

The following are prohibited at the test site.

  • Visitors, including relatives and friends
  • Unaccompanied children, both inside or outside the test site
  • Weapons of any kind

What to Bring to the Test Site

You must bring two valid, unexpired forms of identification that are printed in English. If you do not have proper identification, you will not be admitted to the test and you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind. Review the testing policy about proper identification Link opens pop-up window.

On the day of the test, you may wish to bring a sweater or sweatshirt for your comfort. This will allow you to adjust for the temperature in the test site, which may vary and may not be under the control of the test site staff. If you choose to bring a sweater or sweatshirt, it will be inspected by test site staff upon admission and re-admission. If you remove your sweater or sweatshirt while in the testing room, you must place this on the back of your chair. During a scheduled break, you may also choose to store it in the secure storage provided.

Note that although sweaters or sweatshirts are allowed at Pearson Test Centers (not jackets or coats), the policy at college and university test centers may be different. For example, some college or university test sites do not allow any outerwear such as hoodies, jackets, or cardigans and you will be asked to remove it. Therefore, if you are testing at a college or university, before your appointment you may want to check their website or contact the test site regarding their policy.

Taking the Test

The test session provides enough time for pre-administration activities and test completion. Even though you may finish testing before the ending time of the test session, you should plan to use the entire session time. Please note that you will be allowed no more than the allotted time to complete the test.

Before testing

  • Complete pre-administration activities, including:
    • identity verification procedures such as having your photo taken and your palm scanned. Palm vein scanning is required for all examinations.
    • security screening procedures such as lifting your hair, rolling up sleeves, a visual inspection of any sweater or sweatshirt, turning out your pockets, and patting down yourself.
    You must complete all pre-administration activities as directed by test site staff or you will not be permitted to test.
  • If you are wearing eyeglasses, you may be asked during the check-in process to remove them for a visual inspection. Please note that the test site proctor will not touch or otherwise handle your glasses. Sunglasses are not permitted in the testing room and should be placed into the secure storage provided.
  • Place all personal items, including any prohibited materials Link opens pop-up window, into the secure storage provided. These items include but may not be limited to:
    • Cell phones and other electronic communication devices
    • Hats, headscarves, and other head coverings, except those worn for religious or medical purposes
    • Barrettes or hairclips larger than a quarter-inch wide and headbands or hairbands larger than a half-inch wide
    • Watches of any kind
    • Jewelry, which is removable and larger than a quarter-inch wide
  • Receive an erasable notepad and pen from the test proctor.
  • Complete a tutorial on how to take a computer-based test, including how to record your responses to multiple-choice questions and performance components.
  • After you sign in at the test site, you will be presented with a nondisclosure agreement on the computer. It will ask you to indicate your agreement to the conditions set forth on the current website, including the Important Testing Information and Agreement to the Testing Rules Link opens a PDF document and the rules communicated to you orally or in writing at the test administration. You will have 5 minutes to read and accept the terms of this nondisclosure agreement. If you do not respond within 5 minutes, or if you indicate that you do not accept the terms of the agreement, your test session will terminate, you will not be permitted to test, you will receive no refund or credit of any kind, and you will be required to wait 31 calendar days before you can retest.

During testing

  • You may take restroom breaks. Most tests do not include scheduled breaks; therefore, if you take a break, testing time will not be stopped and will continue to run during your unscheduled break. Scheduled breaks are provided to examinees taking one of the following subtest combinations in a single test session: Review the break policy Link opens pop-up window for information about scheduled and unscheduled breaks
  • You may not communicate with other examinees or unauthorized persons either in person or by communication device.
  • You will be monitored continuously and may also be videotaped.
  • If you require assistance, raise your hand and notify test site staff. Please note that test site staff cannot answer questions about or discuss test content with you.
  • You will not lose any testing time if your computer freezes. If this or other problems occur, you will resume testing where you stopped once the issue is resolved.

At the conclusion of testing

  • When your testing session ends, your test materials will be collected and you will be escorted from the testing room.
  • Once you have been dismissed from testing, you must leave the test site.
  • If you have a test appointment later in the day, return to the test site 30 minutes before your next appointment.

After your testing appointment

  • If you would like to submit comments about your test appointment, go to Link opens in a new window. and follow the "online survey" link to complete a Customer Feedback Survey. Your feedback will be analyzed by the Florida Department of Education and used for program improvement. Please note: You will not receive a response from this survey.
  • If you experience any issues or have any concerns about your testing appointment, please contact FTCE/FELE Customer Service no later than 7 days after your test date. You may contact FTCE/FELE Customer Service by phone, chat, or email.